Friday, July 8, 2005

my Singapore Trip story...

The singapore trip was a blast! It was my second country to visit (after Thailand) and I was so excited to see this sanitized, clean and well-commercialized city. And of course, I was looking forward to seeing some old, familiar faces that have been my friends and companions in my old workplace.

Reysiel and I arrived in Changi airport about an hour late (air asia is always delayed, I think). We had some uncertain moments when we couldn't find the other girls (who came from Manila) and were just wondering what to do, especially since we couldn't contact them since Reysiel's roaming hadn't taken effect yet. But when we were just going out of the door, we saw Marf and Raine and Maricar and Jo looking all pretty and refreshed and thinner! (ayan Marf, bumawi na ako ha. hehe).

We went straight to our hotel room to get settled and Reysiel got all her stuff from Jo (imported from Manila!). Then we went to Bugis and roamed around Singapore's building-rich metropolis. Of course, at every street juncture, we stopped to take pictures, never mind if passers-by couldn't pass through anymore because we were blocking the street. And we ran like crazy everytime we crossed a street (mga promdi ata kami dun).

We went to three malls before we finally met up with the Singapore people -- Auskie, Charmaine, Ferdie, Robert and Beth -- the buddy batch! Aba, at gumaganda at gumagwapo pala mga tao if nakatira sa Singapore. hehehe. And there we were all together, crowded in Marche restaurant, chattering and talking and swapping stories and jokes. Nakakasenti...just two years ago, we were all sharing the same team building activities for T03, tapos ngayon, kita kits sa singapore na and belonging to totally different companies.

So after dinner (where they had their fill...i was struggling to eat at all due to my swelling gums from the dental operation), we went to the different Quays (it took me a while to realize you pronounce it like Keys...nakakahiya. hehe). We even entered Fullerton hotel to use their washroom. hahaha. Marf, Jo and Charmaine also went the bungee jumping thing...thanks to marf's syuta... :)

The next day, we went to the Singapore Zoo! While I am not exactly a big fan of animals, (except for the open zoo at Safari World), I enjoyed going around their zoo. (and taking pictures with the animals. hehe). Unfortunately, it rained there (when we were at the end most part of the zoo pa!) so we had to wait awhile after finally, we decided to take the tram car instead back to the entrance. Then in the afternoon, we went to Sentosa. Much to my chagrin, the cable car was not functional. But Sentosa was fun (but expensive). We saw the dolphins (i swear, i am never watching another dolphin show. The Sentosa Dolphin show was not fun...their narrative and script was too dramatic and too lousy, the whole act boring and the dolphins were too far out doing their ring hopping thing and all). But the underwater world was cool because we got to see a lot of really big fishes. I mean, the fishes were even bigger than their aquarium size sharks! (which they probably did on purpose so the sharks wouldn't eat the little fishes, right?). We smelled a lot of Aja's there in the underground and thankfully, we survived.

Outside, we bought these ice thingies (what are they called again?). They were like snow cones (from STC. hehe). Then Raine was trying to attract this pretty peacock...and she was sooo successful...too successful in fact that we had to run away when it came too close. hehe.

Then we watched the Laser show (at night. duh). It was during this time that my friends told me something that they obviously did not want me to know (for fear of what ??). While it shocked me a bit, it wasn't enough to dampen my spirits during the sentosa thing. It made me think though and reflect on my life and heart matters. Anyhow...the show was great and really cool. We had a bit of trouble going home (which involved Marf and Raine being bumped against smelly AJAs inside the bus) but we were able to get a taxi-van and got back to the hotel.

Reysiel, Marf and I were fetched by Marf's syuta and off we went to Insomniac - a bar in Chijmes. The band playing was Filipino and most of the crowd were Pinoys. The songs were really cool at first and we danced (Marf was even excited to see Reysiel dance on stage. Marf, punta ka bangkok at sasayaw tlaga si Reysiel sa entablado ng Zantika. hehe. part na ng bangkok tour yan eh. di ba reys?) And its true that you will never get drunk in Singapore because the drinks are expensive (not that I paid koz Marf's syuta again footed the bill. Go Marf! hehe). Oh and one embarrassing thing happened to me there...i fell off my stool sa bar and fell to the floor -- and this happened near the stage!!!

It was a fun day with a fun night to boot. :) Auskie, beth , Ferdie, Robert and Menggay...thanks for making sama sa amin sa Singapore ha! :) Can't wait to see you guys here in Bangkok in August (tama ba?).

The next day, as promised, I hung out with Claire and Eileen...two friends from different times in my life whom I never thought would hang out together. Hehe. I was hanging out on SUnday with type A personalities...hmm...not the most relaxing. Thanks Claire and Eileen..i had so much fun. They were even kidding me that they had to sacrifice their lungs because I wanted to see Little India. We went to Little China, Little India and had a foodfest at Singapore (despite my swelling gums) and smoked flavorful smoke ( i have no idea what it was) at an Arabian restaurant. As usual whenever I am with either Claire or Eileen, we talk about life, about books they have read (i was embarrassed to admit the last book I read was mainstream fiction by Robert Ludlum) and their work (i was out of the loop on this one as they are both P&G people). I slept over at Claire's house and we made tsika until the morning, afterwhich I took a cab back to my hotel.

Then it was back to reality once again as Reysiel and I headed for Bangkok (with Jo in another flight). My gums were painfully throbbing by then, but all in all, it was an enjoyable experience. :) Sa uulitin! (but sa ibang bansa naman...hehehe.)