Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Happy Birthday to me -- Part II

Looking back at yesterday, it was a fun day. In the office, during lunch time, the group of trainees (mostly Eileen's barkada --> the matino ones) greeted me Happy Birthday in German and in English and had me blow 24 candles on three delicious-looking cheesecakes (I say delicious looking because I haven't actually eaten any of it and gave it instead to Mervin, Namit and Tolome because I was so full that time). Goddess also joined us for lunch and once again, he became the brunt of our teasing (especially since we were so hungry that time). I was touched to say the least (especially since Iniirog#1 led the singing in German and Iniirog #2 took pictures of my cake. hahahaha).

Siemens German trainees and Eileen surprising me on my birthday

After work, Ria and I went to Big C in Ramkamhaeng to buy (drumrolls please) KFC. Yep, on my 24th birthday, I forced my roommates to eat KFC with me. Hahahaha. But they enjoyed it I think, especially since we were all hungry by dinner. Ria and I had a hard time trying to communicate to the girl at the counter that we wanted to order gravy. For some insane reason, KFC in Thailand don't give away bottomless gravy unlike in the Philippines. Ria had to do some animated gestures with a sprinkling of Thai phrases (may aw). Eventually, the KFC girl got the idea and we got a large serving of gravy. Claire called while we were there in Big C. She made me promise I would go to Singapore soon and I in turn made her commit to my staying at her place while I am there.

After eating, we helped Eileen move her stuff downstairs. She is moving down to the 4th floor. Next month, I will be taking the room next to hers . Yippee...actually having my own place. :) Now I can entertain men. JUST KIDDING MOM! hahahaha. After moving Len's stuff, making a lot of racket in the room, I had to eventually retire to bed as I need to be in the office at 6 am the next day.
Thanks to Ria, Reys, Len and Kuya Mervs for my outfit that day!

All in all, I do declare that my first international birthday was a great birthday day! :)

Monday, February 7, 2005

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Today is my birthday! I am now officially 24 years old -- a year away from reaching the quarter century mark.

Last night, Ria, Eileen, Reysiel and Mervin greeted me at around 12 mn with delicious cake and a gift (pink floral skirt)! I was so touched (I haven't celebrated my birthday or had cake with candles on it for that matter since I came to Manila in 1998 so thanks really :) ). I really wanted to burst into my trademark tears but I couldn't because I was just too happy and chirpy. While we ate cake, we watched pictures (via Reysiel's brand new DVD) and reminisced about T03, about Accenture and the fun team buildings we had.

Today I feel so very girly because I am wearing the pink floral skirt and white halter top with pink sandals and pink bag (good thing I bought this pink bag yesterday!). I went out with some people from church yesterday and watched the Aviator (Leo looks so hot. God, can I have a guy who looks just like that?hehehe).

My 5 year plan officially went bust today. But no matter, because the 4 year plan is quickly and automatically taking its place. hahaha. I have birthday resolutions starting on this 24th year and I promise to stick to it while I can.

1. I will never whine again. Life has been good to me, considering. My life isn't perfect, but then it hasn't been that bad either. I have great friends, a good job, wonderful family and my finances are beginning to take shape. A more thankful disposition wouldn't hurt right?

2. I will be more active in church. :) Self explanatory I think.

3. I will live a more healthy lifestyle (ok, so this one is open to argument. A healthy lifestyle after all can be relative to what one thinks is healthy).

4. I will be more prudent with my money (promise!)

5. My four year plan can take a backseat in my life plans (really). :) It may or it may not come. It may come down to a 6month plan...it may come down to a whirlwind 1week plan...but it ain't (oops...wrong grammar) going to be at the top of my to-do list this year.

6. I will be willing to take more risks -- in anything. (calculated risks of course. haha).

7. Less sensitive (if at all possible) and become not so anti-social to other people I dont really want to talk to. (in short, I will learn to be plastic to people I don't really feel like talking to. It is just social justice. )

I can't think of others yet. But I am 24 now. I once wrote in my Sun Star column (ages ago when I was 18 )that 18 was just a number. And let me paraphrase that. Twenty-four is definitely just a number because -- well, just because. :) I don't make any sense now do I? hahahaha.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Gibberish from me...

Later tonight, I will be attending my first aero-boxing session (together with Reysiel and Ria). They have this gym in the 6th floor offering these classes. We were supposed to take two lessons (aero-jazz as well) however we have a dinner party to attend to tonight. And we have never been one to back out of invites involving food, especially (and hopefully) those with Pinoy dishes.

My mom and dad emailed me again (I think this time, they did it without the help of either of my sisters. Wow! My parents are already hi-tech.) They just emailed me that they have received the money already...warned me not to be drunk-galore on my birthday (DAD! I won't even drink --- promise.)...told me not to change buildings but instead be in the same one as my friends (sila ra daw akong kaila in Bangkok)...drink vitamins...drink milk...all the usual parent stuff. I miss them and I like hanging around them sometimes. But somehow I am glad they are in Cebu. I would never be able to go out as much with them around (i know...i am such a goody-goody whenever I am in Cebu). hehehe. Not that I am saying I am not here in Bangkok...

One of my church friends is offering her place in Central Lhadprao. Unfortunately, that is like miles away from my workplace. Maybe miles is a bit exaggerated, but it is a bit far. Plus the traffic and the commuting...tsk tsk tsk. Too bad, it was near to four malls too and to Chatuchak market as well.

Talking about Chatuchak still reminds me of the golden spoons I bought at an exorbitant, horrifyingly large price for utensils. I still cannot forget about it. I am never buying kitchen utensils on my own---- ever. (even buying the extremely useful microwave oven has not eased my mind about this matter. Now I am thinking if even the microwave was a necessary expense!)

Boyband talked to me again -- something about tickets to manila. Unfortunately, I zoned out again (dahil cute nga sya) and I came up with a response which was less than inadequate and incomprehensible English (in short, I answered jibberish to a very simple query). When would I stop making a freakshow of myself and try to at least decently reply to his questions? sigh. Makes me wish he will go back to Europe and leave me with my dignity intact (or whatever is left of it).

It is nearly 6pm na and I have got to go to the gym. So till here. TTFN! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

10 Things to be happy about today...

10 - Boyband is sitting beside me (and he wasnt the one bringing home a woman the other night. hehehe)

9 - Panginoong Iniirog #1(with his gorgeous eyes) is sitting in front of me

8 - Another interesting Thai Language lesson later tonight

7 - Jo and Beth coming over to visit us in Bangkok next week

6 - Made more new friends at church last Sunday and made more weekend plans with them

5- McDonald's here has nescafe float

...Oh sod it. I'll begin another list tomorrow...

of growing old and aching bones...

My whole friggin' body hurts. Every bone and muscle must be corporally complaining right now. But for what? I haven't made them endure any exercise or any hard, manual labor. I just exposed my joints and muscles to the extremely loveable sport of bowling last Saturday evening. And now I am paying the price. :( Last night, I had to literally drown myself in paracetamol so I can get some sleep. I shudder at the thought of my condition on Thursday morning as Wednesday night we plan to attend aero box and aero jazz lessons...

I wasn't able to go out last night due to this pain in my arms, my shoulders and my head. Not that I would have went out if my conditions were normal, as I am currently working on a shoestring budget for February. Sigh. Makes me sometimes resent the fact that I have to give a large portion of my earnings to my family. Makes me sometimes envy people who do not carry this burden. It is not that I do not have the choice -- the choice to not give and withhold are always there -- but the situation is such that there is no choice at all. That there may be an option B, but doing option B would make the situation far worse still and not produce any good at all, and thus there is essentially no choice in the matter but to go for option A -- that is to give. That is my fundamental option (for better or for worse).
You know how the cliche goes about women who put their family first and they end up in lonely spinsterhood? That is a future I am so afraid of (knock on wood). What if I become so engrossed in putting my sister through school, taking care of my parents and over-all being so occupied with family matters that I totally ignore or put aside my own personal life? Am I doomed to a love-less, lonely future? Will I be a crabby, mad spinster when I grow older? (shudder, shudder, shudder).

Ok, this post is getting too depressing. Must be the symptoms of nearly growing a year older. Good morning to you and to me!