Friday, August 29, 2008

TGIF weird incident

I was waiting at the bus stop for bus number 37 when this malay-looking boy stood in front of me and started this strange and awkward conversation...

strange boy: today is friday right (with thick accent)
me: Yes, today is friday (trying to get the accent)
strange boy: so today is friday then tomorrow saturday...right?
me: erm, yes, tomorrow would be saturday (already weirded out)
strange boy: (started to tap his head) so today is friday, tomorrow saturday, then sunday then next is Monday
me: um...yeah? (desperately wishing now for my bus to arrive)
strange boy: (tapping his head more furiously now) friday? saturday? tall tall? (starting to act out some gesture)
me: (helpless and scared shitless now) um sorry? (trying to break eye contact)
strange boy: (still tapping his head and doing the hand gestures)
me: (running first to bus 37 when it arrived)

maybe i'm being tested on my calendar skills? hahahahaha.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


For my friends who have endured my rant a few months back on this blog (and some who had to suffer my whinings and cryings and bitchings in person), I just want to announce that I have now paid all the huge debts incurred by my family. And I got their assurance (in writing and in the spoken form) that this would never, ever, ever happen again. (sana totoo or else I'm just a poor overworked sucker).

Thank you Lord. I have cried and worried many nights for this. And He has helped me so immensely and humbled me in my initial lack of faith.

I just feel

shoe shopping anyone? :))

Chinatown with a Chinaman

Kuya Jco and Yoraka were in town for a 3 day business trip. And Kuya's very first mission in Singapore was to find the best Bee Cheng store (according to the very specific map drawn my Palm).

So Paui and I accompanied them to Chinatown where much to the sheer delight of our already hungry stomachs, we found the store on our first try (tamang exit! yes!). So before proceeding with completing Jco's mission (yun lng tlaga pinunta namin sa china town), we had yummy yummy dinner first (oo na tito boy, lumobo na po ako. hehehe. bitter).

Happy stomachs dahil malapit na mabusog...

Ang bawal kay Paui...

Having a taste of the 1 dollar ice cream (Yay!)
Feeling turista itong si Paulito (after two weeks here)

First day in the Land of the Lion

It was my first day of work and I barely had any sleep having arrived at 1am and waking up at 630 am. Unfortunately, this is not Bangkok anymore where I wake up at 8 and expect to be in the office 45 minutes later (via the much loved taxi).

Anyway, most of my morning was spent in the MOM office getting my E Pass.And while waiting to get it, I had breakfast in a nearby cafe. I got my order and naturally assumed I would pay after I ate it. I was a bit taken aback when the waitress gave me the bill and asked me to pay, then she apologetically explained that some people forget to pay their bill. Hmm...already I was feeling a slight stigma of being a Filipino in Singapore. Dorothy is really not in Bangkok anymore.

Anyway, here is my 7 SGD worth of breakfast (which still left me feeling hungry):

After I got my Epass, I went straight to my new office. Hehe . And since there really was nothing else to do on my first day, I started taking pictures of the cubicle I shared with Raine.

Bangkok Farewells

Paui and I had one free week before we were scheduled to leave for Singapore. During this time, in between packing our stuff and sorting them, we found time to meet colleagues and friends with whom we have worked with for a long time in Bangkok.

Dinner with the original ABAP team 2. :)) ---> minus Vineet and K.Pang.

Lunch with the reorg King (K.Ek), Willy, Kuya Jco and Palm.
We also had an ABAP team lunch and impromptu merienda courtesy of Harry's specialty cake. But we forgot to bring our camera then :((

It is a bit sad to be leaving colleagues whom you respect so much. To be honest, I was not sad at all when I left my first company. But for this one, it is simply breaking my heart...