Sunday, August 14, 2005

hibernation galore...

The past two weeks I went into hibernation mode. Of course, the fact that I had a fever for the first week helped that out as I was in a rather grouchy, touchy, feverish mood and not in any condition to talk to anyone. I buried myself in watching Voyager series (yeah yeah, i am such a friggin' nerd) and sleeping.

But this weekend, we had visitors from Singapore (welcome Beth, Auskie and Charmaine and friends!) and Ellen (our half Nepalese, half German friend) is staying with me, so I have had to drag myself out of hibernation mode and into real life.

Saturday morning, we accompanied our Singapore visitors on their shopping frenzy. Started with JJ market, went on to Siam, then to Pratunam then to Siam again where we waited at Starbucks while they finished their rounds in Siam Center. I bought a lot of bikinis for my sisters! hehehe. I am beginning my pasalubong shopping already for home as I might have visitors from Cebu soon. Saturday night, we went to see the All Star band (formerly the Opera band from Zantika). The place was a bar in a hotel but it was a very strange place. The older crowd (and older foreigners apparently) patronized the place. And there were a lot of pok-poks, both foreign and local there. Anyway, we were in a big group filled with girls so it is ok. But I don't think I want to go back there again.

Then we rushed straight to patpong to see the gay shows. Unfortunately, we were too late and we didn't see any 'action'. It was disappointing but maybe next time, we will catch them. :)

They left already and I am feeling a bit groggy and sleepy today. Even as I am writing this one, I slowly feel energy drained out of me. When did blog writing or writing anything for that matter seem so tiring and draining?

Next week, morning shift. Good luck to me.