Saturday, April 23, 2005

Four day week!

Yesterday, I accompanied Ria's bro to tour the temples. Got scammed! I really feel so stupid afterwards. I mean, I know I am gullible and really lack streetsmarts (that has been displayed frequently in the past unfortunately), but it is really embarrassing to have other people be involved in something that happened because of my stupidity. I feel totally dyahe to Ria and her bro. :( Sigh. My total lack of EQ shows up again.

Last night, we went out to this techno/hip hop/liveband bar for the farewell party of Thomas and Jon's birthday party. The club, as expected, was teeming with people all out for a good time on a Friday night. Eileen and I were the only representatives of the Filipino connexion as Reysiel and Ria were probably too tired to go party last night. I had fun and I didn't drink too much as our bosses were there to party as well (this is the really strange thing in Siemens. when we party, we always see our German bosses partying as well. One of our bosses-- the one who hired us -- even told us we girls were ever present at all the parties! Hello! sya din noh. hahaha).

Anyway, the funny events last night:
1. said hi, hello, good bye and toasted with a Thai celebrity(one of the half Thai, half Danish trainees in the office). Reportedly, he is a soap opera actor/model and his brother is this hotshot singer/actor here. Of course, we dont know him from Adam as we don't really watch Thai operas do we? But heck, if they say he is celebrity status, who are we to argue? We just befriend, say hi-hello, and hope he brings his brother with him to parties one day. hahaha. (That is Yui's battlecry BYB! (bring your brother). By the way, he is cute, but in an effeminate sort of way so characteristic of the males here. But Eileen, kakaibiganin na natin di ba? hahaha.
2. a guy tried to pick me up..which scared the hell out of me by the way. I couldn't find Eileen or Vicky or Thomas or anyone remotely familiar in the crowded bar and this guy just started talking to me . He thought I was Thai, then Singaporean, until I had to correct him to say I was Filipina. Then he tried to give me a beer and I very politely refused. He was very insistent that I have a drink. He even introduced me to his other friends there too and bragged that he was a graphic designer choo-choo and worked four years in London or something. Very nice, but as he was unfamiliar and while not really ugly, he just wasnt my type, I wanted to get away and find Eileen. Finally, I found Vicky in the crowd and just sidled next to her for my safe zone and totally ignored the guy afterwards. :P
3. one of our colleagues i was talking to, during the course of our shouting conversation, mentioned again about the 'boyfriend' i had back home. I had to correct him real fast. hahaha. but damn, the second guy to hint I had a bf. Hello. Do I have spoken-for written all over me? How ironic is that? This is so bad for my dating prospects here (which is close to nil of course. hahaha).

Went to have dinner with Eileen and tangkad and vicky and nicole last night. Got pretty pissed actually on how tangkad was so rude and so obnoxious. accounting for taste.

This morning after cleaning the room and doing mini laundry (mini because I plan to do major laundry this Friday pa), I am here looking for a place to stay in chiang mai for Len and me. And I found it! Its in the middle of town. Hopefully, ok ito and Eileen wouldn't kill me if the place is crappy. And I am looking over stuff to do in Chiangmai. :) Excited na ako. There is this big lake for swimming and hiking places. And maybe I can goad Eileen to teach me to ride a bike. hahaha. (clap clap clap).

Chatted with my sisters yesterday to plan their trip. Decided I will send letter of apology to aunt today in an attempt to reconcile with her. (oh brother). And I currently have 400 baht spendable amount until sweldo this Monday. God help me. hehe.

So that was my life this week. :) How was yours?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

after morning shift...

The past week has got to be the longest five working days of my life. I really am not a fan of morning shift which will essentially entail waking up at 430 in the morning, going to work by 6am and going home around 3 pm (supposedly, but this always becomes 6pm or even later). And I even had to work on two holidays. Which is fine by me as long as they pay me extra money for holiday shift right? hahaha.

Today, I had a bit of general cleaning in my room, turned everything upside down and inside out, took off my bedsheets and mopped the whole damn floor. I don't know where this bit of energy and perseverance came from. But now I have a clean floor, clean cabinets, newly scrubbed bathroom and no bedsheets. Which is why I am going to Big C today to get new bedsheets (it was supposed to be MBK but it's too far and I am not really in the mood to go to far places just now).

I hate my auntie !!! as in really. I am trying to not be provoked by all this...but I am not a very patient person after all...

Got to chat with my cuz Harry. Now I feel homesick (just a bit) but not enough to make me want to go home...not just yet...

This week, I had two dinners with my girl friends and it was really fun (think brunch like Sarah Jessica Parker and friends. haha). And I really miss doing that--- just having dinner and having a good chat and laughing with friends. Made me think of my Accenture days in Manila where I just hung out at Starbucks or Greenbelt with my friends (especially my batchmates) and we just bitch about our work, talk about our non existent (for some of us anyway) lovelives and our half formed plans. Now I feel even more homesick just reminiscing. But never mind because I will hopefully see most of them in Singapore this June anyway. Yey!

Last night, we went to Silom and we were supposed to have dinner at a Korean restaurant (me, Reysiel, an Indonesian friend and a Thai friend). But we saw all these people playing with water guns and dousing people with water and powder, so we decided on a safer course and ducked into the nearest shopping mall and just decided to find food there. :) Had dinner (really yummy Thai food) then had pancakes for dessert (yum). I was really full but really sleepy afterwards. It was a fun dinner. We just laughed and had this game where we asked each other questions and everybody had to answer each question. Really trivial, but fun.

I have to go now. I still have to buy new hot pink bedsheets. hahaha.

TTFN! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Another domestic saturday...

I just came back from doing my laundry (doing it alone for the first time...just me and the washing machine. hahaha). I met some Thai people there who mistook my initial hesitation in using the machine as ignorance and proceeded to be very helpful. Which was basically ok as they didn't bother me afterwards (I was reading a Ludlum book and since they didn't speak English, I wasn't in any way obligated to make small talk). Later, after this idle time in front of the PC, I will be doing my grocery and restocking my fridge as there is absolutely nothing inside of it. Then I will clean my room (and my bathroom again as I feel this obsessive compulsive need to keep it tidy).
I talked to my sister last night (due to a chronic bout of homesickness) and we discussed arrangements for them to come here. I am so excited. Yehey! We discussed our family problem as well and I still cannot get over the fact really over the immaturity of my aunt in handling conflicts and misunderstandings. I am really disappointed but I have long since decided to not stoop to her level.
Things to look forward to:
1. Chiang Mai trip with Eileen this first week of May. Len promised to make me go trekking and do nature trails and stuff. It is not really my cup of tea, but it sounds exciting. hahaha. As long as I get to ride on an elephant, my Chiang Mai trip will be well worth it.
2. Singapore Trip this June. :) I am meeting my batchmates in Singapore this June and Claire din of course. I am so excited. My second country to visit (after Thailand). So sobrang cool.
3. My sisters' visit. --> yehey! hehehe.
Told Raine about Shanghai Boy already over AOL as Reysiel, Raine and I just chatted as we felt too tamad last week. I'm not sure if Raine would be seeing me in a similar light after that. hahaha. Now I have decided not to take on any more boys after that. hahaha.
The girls and I have been to Zantika twice this week, on consecutive days. Reysiel made her 'Honey' debut on stage no less! Next time, we will be issued Zantika Gold passes and our passports won't even be checked at the door anymore. hahaha. We will most likely go out tonight but not Zantika. ;)
Eileen took us to Kao-san the other day. It looked pretty much like Walking street, only without the screaming girls dancing on poles or on top of tables. And we met some of German friends of Michael (len's trainee friend). They were ok, as usual speaking in their own tongue despite the fact that they had other people who couldn't understand a word they are saying. English must really be such a difficult language for them to muster to push them to such rudeness (sarcasm intended). We saw lot of travel agencies in Kao san road, offering cheap packages for tours around Thailand. It gave me an idea on where to take my sisters during their stay here.