Sunday, April 12, 2009

the Pamalaye

It's official. Di na maka back out si Paui. hehehe.

Last weekend, Paui and I went to Cebu so he and his family can do the traditional pamanhikan. To be honest, the whole experience felt kinda out of this world strange. Because both our parents did some formal speeches (in bisaya). I felt like I was something handed over from one person to another. hehe. My mom even said something like if ayaw na ni Paui sa akin, then he can just return me to my original family. waaaaa. Di pala ito no return, no exchange policy?

I was a little disappointed though because my dad acted up a little during the whole affair because the event fell short of his expectations. I guess I had hoped he would be able to overcome such pettiness and ensure the event goes through well for my sake. Oh well, sometimes he can be a little selfish. He did apologize to me before I left Cebu but the memory of my own Pamanhikan has been tarnished already.

Paui and I are just both thankful to God that this part is over with and done with the approval of both our families.

the Pamalaye