Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photobooks Galore!

The only thing I DIY myself for our wedding (oo wedding na naman!) was our guestbook. :) It took me one whole afternoon to layout our prenup pictures on a small square image wrap photobook and order it online from Photobook Singapore. In four days (I had express delivery), I got my guestbook and I was so happy with the quality. Better than I expected.

A friend told me it was cheaper to order back in Cebu for this other photobook brand. But my issue with them is they either do the layouts for you or you have to go to their store so you can do the layouts there. With Photobook Singapore, I can do the layouting from the comfort of my bedroom. So convenient for sloth-y girls like me. hehe.

This is me happily reading our guests messages on our guestbook cum photobook....

Now I am  busy doing three photobooks for our honeymoon pictures (yes 3 because 7 days worth of pictures is not enough to put into one photobook. hahaha). And I am going against time because the Valentines Special promo will soon end this weekend. Sayang din ang 45% noh.

Sige got to go back to photo-booking now....

***UPDATE: Photobook Singapore has an ongoing promotion of 40% off till end of April! ***

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

daddy and living in a materialistic world (haha)

He used to not be brand-conscious. Heck, he even wore proudly the roy-gaew-gaew (199baht) shirts from Bangkok Chatuchak market. Now he is different.

It's all my fault, I know.

I bought him a Ferrari shirt during F1 Night Race in Singapore as a souvenir. Now he almost always wears it. I bought him some Lacoste shirts from the Outlet Shop in Bangkok (freaking 600 baht only for a Lacoste factory overrun shirt), now he specifically asks for those shirts.

No way was I buying 150 SGD worth shirts noh! Too expensive. Yet I want him happy and comfy. And thankfully, my friend Chinchin was selling lacoste factory overruns at half the price! yey! happy me :)


email: celestinecollections@gmail.com

I ordered around 7 shirts for Dady and my hubby. So excited for them to get the shirts. Hopefully they will be happy.  Strangely, I feel more excited and happy buying stuff for people I love, than buying stuff for me.  hehehe.  :)