Saturday, November 26, 2005

my week in a nutshell

I bought my first digi cam today! :) Its an IXUS 55 and its really small (which is basically all that matters to me). As I am not in anyway inclined towards the electronic arts, I had some help in buying the camera. I feel pretty excited already and I just know this camera and I will make beautiful music together. hehe. if I can only figure out how to download the pics onto my desktop...

Got my first sugar-coated reprimand this week too. It was pretty depressing actually but my boss was nice and tactful about it. I know it was just a small thing but I came out of that meeting feeling like the worst ABAPer on earth. :( Good thing this one came after the evals. Anyway, the best way to get that confidence back up is...

..loads and loads of work. I have tons of it. I was morning shift for the whole week and I ended up going home at 7 instead of at 3! And to top it all off, I seem to not be getting anything done. This is probably punishment for having had a 5 day weekend last week. But I always keep my end in mind ( vacation on dec 15!).

I've moved my flight back to the Philippines on Dec 19 instead of the 15th. This is so I can join the team building going to Chiang Rai! Team buildings here (for the whole department) is kind of fun and they don't hesitate to spend. Last year, we went to Pattaya and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel (this being our second week only in the company then). This year, we are going to Chiang Rai and they are spending for our plane tickets. hehehe. The trip is on Dec 16 to 18. Then my flight to Manila is Dec 19 and subsequent flight to Cebu is on the 20th.

I have nearly finished with my Christmas shopping. Too bad I have work this weekend and the next weekend, so I can't shop with Reysiel and Vicky. Ria is coming back this Monday and Eileen is in China already. Then this week, we have our Pinoy Christmas party which should be fun as we are still playing charades (they will never let me forget the time I tried to act out 'Desperado' movie. I think I was just on hyper mode that day...).

And I'm looking forward to visiting Cebu...for a variety of reasons. :)))

Oh, and have i mentioned that I actually went to the Gym twice this week? They are giving me a hard time that I don't do too much exercising as I do rest. But hey, I'm starting myself slow you know. hahaha. The road to fitness cannot be rushed.

So now unfortunately, work beckons. Hmm..but this isn't so bad. After 9 today, I am going to visit my fave mango sticky rice store! :)

Friday, November 18, 2005

Catching some Zzz's and some R&R

Three good things about this week:
1. No work for me from Wednesday to Friday (thanks to the reorg activities in Singapore)
2. Went to the gym for the first time in months
3. Cleaned my room myself for the first time since August

Yes, I have not sat in front of a PC working on some issues for the third straight day in a row. It is rather enjoyable really, having nothing to do, not stressed out at the office trying to finish something within a set deadline. Ahh..this was a great week to reconnect with myself, my room, and me. :)

Last Monday, I went to CM2 with Jco, Paui and Reysiel. Reysiel bought us this margarita pizza, which was really good. Unfortunately, I couldn't drink myself to oblivion because a) it was monday and I still had to get to work the next day , b) not the best place to end up drunk and c) i was never going to drink again (for that night anyway). It would be interesting though to get really drunk right? I have been tipsy on several chosen occasions, but never completely smashed. Which is a pity because this would make for a very interesting experiment. (On Vicky's birthday party, I tried to do a bit of a controlled experiment then when I was trying to determine how many glasses of whisky coke I can push down my throat before the alcohol would climb to my brain. The experiment was a success! I determined that n is equal to, um, well, a certain number of glasses. hehe).

Last Tuesday, we went to this Looy Kratong party held by a real estate company (read: free food and free drinks). The press release said it was a family affair. the definition of a family gathering now includes lewd and suggestive remarks during magic show, songs with blatant sexual innuendos, and half naked dancers (well, almost naked I guess if only their nipples are covered in their upper bodies). Very interesting. The boys had a field day (right Paui? Jco? Jon?). Eileen won big Teddy bear and Paui won a restaurant voucher. I, of course, who have never been lucky in love or in lotto, won nothing.

Near the end of the party, all the guests were given Kratong for us to float into the water. The Thais have this Looy Kratong festival every year. This is basically a Buddhist tradition, where people let float into the water Kratongs made up of banana leaves and decorated with candles and sparklers and let loose into the water for good luck. The Kratongs we were given were made up of only styro foam and paper. But it would have to do. We lighted it up (Jco helped me. and when the sparkler started glowing and strewing its bits of light everywhere, I started to shove it towards him and well, panicked. Obviously, I am not a firecracker type of girl during new year.hehe). Instead of the Chao Phraya river, we used the pool. It was our mini Looy kratong and my first one. So it seemed pretty exciting for me.

On Wednesday, I tore off the veil of laziness hovering over me for the past couple of months and got right down to business. I cleaned my floor, dusted my cabinets, laundered my clothes, scrubbed the bathroom clean and put on new bedsheets. Took me the whole day (in between rest periods.hehe) but I finally finished it. I got panicky when cleaning the bathroom though because the new toilet cleaner I was using suddenly let out white fumes. Thinking I would suffocate inside my own bathroom (flash scenes from Schindler list in the incinerator chamber), I hopelessly grappled with the bathroom door. But the gloves I was wearing prevented me from opening it too easily. Hehehe. Funny now when I think about it, but without the gift of hindsight, I was pretty scared then. hehe.

Then at night, I was woken up from my slumber at around 8pm by Reysiel and the others. They invited me to go out for pizza with them. So having not eaten anything the whole day (well, late lunch at 4pm only), I joined them and we spent an hour and a half talking, commiserating and reminiscing. After which I went back to watching DVDs again in my newly cleaned room.

Thursday, I watched Harry Potter at Emporium. I found the movie pretty good actually and better compared to the first two Potter films. I thought the scenes were done with no loose ends and none of the important parts from the book were left out. The movie was telling the story coherently and not jumping mindlessly from scene to scene (which always happen with movies interpreting books). The others though found it wanting. Eileen theorized it may be because I read the book and they didn't and thus I had a bit more insight into the little nuances, unsaid dialogues and other scenes in the movie. Hmm, so does this mean it always is better to read the book first then watch the movie?

Anyway, I re-read the Book 6 again. I miss reading. I need to buy another book. Any suggestions? Paui asked me on my opinion if Snape was good or bad (in the context of the ending of the last book). His hypothesis was that Snape did what he had to do because, well, the grandmaster ordered him to. I have thought of this before and dismissed it as unlikely. Does anyone know when the last book is going to be released? Because I soo hate waiting for an answer to my questions. I need! hehehe.

Friday...well, today is still Friday so comments on what stupid thing I did today would have to wait for tomorrow. :)