Friday, August 5, 2011

The One Where I was about to Give Up This Blog

I was going to close this blog because (1) I got bored with it and (2) I didn't see much sense detailing my life for eternity on the internet.

But seeing my entries dating way back to 2005, I felt a sense of sentimentality. How could I just delete a blog that has served as my online diary for so many years? It's helped me remember the tiny details that I otherwise would have forgotten, like my Capetown memories, my Bangkok bar hopping, my Cebu Christmases. Too often I remember only the big moments and I don't need a blog for those. But I do need this sort of diary to remember rants, raves, little things that crossed my mind during the day.

I have decided to start up this diary again. And I know it might only be me reading it from time to time. But wouldn't it be sweet to realize that the me reading this 10 years from now would be smiling as she reads my entries and think that yeah, God gave me a good life. :)

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